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Speech & Occupational



Speech therapy may be necessary if your child is having a difficult using sounds in their spoken language, processing information they hear or read, or using language to effectively communicate. 


Occupational therapy may be necessary if your child is having difficulty with fine motor tasks like writing, using utensils, or self-dressing.  


Sensory integration may be necessary if your child is having a hard time with transitions, easily over-whelmed, or has poor body awareness. Feeding therapy is perfect for that "picky" eater or for a child with poor weight gain. 


As young as 4 years of age, we can begin to target skills needed for learning to read. For older children, reading and writing deficits can helped be targeted with language therapy. 

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Our Approach

The Block Center was established to help families better understand how their child learns best. We believe that proper identification leads to better outcomes. From in-depth diagnostics to research-based therapy approaches, the experts at The Block Center have you covered. 

What Parents Think

"We went to the therapists at The Block Center when our child struggled in Kindergarten. He was having a hard time learning his letters and numbers and just couldn't seem to focus. We were so upset after speaking with his teachers, we felt like we had failed. Luckily, within a short time we saw HUGE changes. We LOVE The Block Center!"

Aidan's mom

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