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Common Questions


How do I pay for therapy? The Block Center is a private pay facility. You can use your health savings or flex spending account to help pay. 


Can I use this diagnosis to help my child receive services at school? We encourage you to share our information with your child's school, but a clinical diagnosis is different than an educational diagnosis. Receiving a diagnosis from our office does not guarantee services at your child's school. 


Does my child need an evaluation? Our office requires a current evaluation (last 6 months) to begin treatment. An evaluation is required before we can start services. 


How long will therapy take? Unfortunately, we are unable to give you an exact timeline, however after an evaluation your therapist will discuss a treatment plan with you with treatment outcomes.


My child didn't qualify for services at school, will he qualify at the Block Center? School determines eligibility for services based on adverse academic impact. Our office sees children based on need and not eligibility. 


My child doesn't have a problem with speech, so why are we being referred to a speech therapist? Speech language pathologists work on more than speech. A larger part of our scope is language, which is heavily tied to literacy. 


Will you come to my home or child's school? At this time, we are only providing services in our office location.

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