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What We  Offer 



The Block Center offers comprehensive evaluations in the following areas: speech, language, fine motor, feeding, sensory, executive function, apraxia of speech, AAC, handwriting (dysgraphia), written expression, and literacy (dyslexia). 


Speech Therapy

Our speech language pathologists provide speech and language therapy from birth-adulthood. Our services will benefit a child who is delayed in communication, a child with articulation difficulties or children with motor speech disorders. Our speech language pathologists can also help a child who is having difficulty processing information, has weak social skills, or poor executive function skills. 

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Occupational Therapy

Our occupational therapists provide therapy in the areas of fine motor development, sensory processing disorder, or feeding. Children with poor handwriting, difficulty using utensils, or poor overall coordination may benefit from occupational therapy. A child who is easily overwhelmed, has poor body awareness, is frightened of noises, or avoids certain textures may benefit from a sensory-based approach. Children that eat less than 10 foods, are not gaining weight, or who gag during mealtimes may require feeding therapy. All of these can be targeted by our occupational therapists.


Children that struggle with literacy, which includes writing, often have deficits rooted in language. Difficulties may manifest in reading comprehension, vocabulary deficits, poor writing skills, or difficulty processing complex language. Given the strong relationship between spoken language and reading and writing, our speech language pathologists are uniquely qualified to help your child's literacy skills improve. 

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